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Thailand 2016

Thailand is a MUST GO! 

Price Point:5 out of 5 stars (5.0 / 5)
Flight/Travel:4 out of 5 stars (4.0 / 5)
Accommodation:5 out of 5 stars (5.0 / 5)
Must Go?:5 out of 5 stars (5.0 / 5)
Average:4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)

Thailand Overview:
We visited Thailand the beginning of October for 10 days.
Airline: Delta, Economy, 27 hours travel time traveling from the East Coast.
Bangkok & Phuket, Thailand
Accommodations: So SoFitel Bangkok, Sri Panwa, Samsara Villas Phuket, BYD Lofts.

Ashley’s View:
Days 1-2: Thailand is such a special and gorgeous country. We started in Bangkok once arriving and stayed at So SoFitel Bangkok. It’s right in the heart of Bangkok and has a gorgeous infinity pool that overlooks the park & city. We were greeted with one of their specialty drinks and learned how to say “hello” in Thai. " Sawasdee Krab " is for men, and " Sawasdee Ka " is for women. We had the water suite and let me tell you it was just what we needed after that long day & then some of flying.

Our first full day in Thailand, we had probably our favorite breakfast to this day. Everything is so fresh and the orange juice! OMG the orange juice makes you never want to drink the orange juice in the states. It sounds so silly, but it was that freaking good to still talk about. We spent most of our morning in So SoFitel’s infinity pool just taking in the views. It was pretty humid, but considering winter was around the corner back on the East Coast of the US, we couldn’t complain. Tuk Tuks are like little motorized golf carts of some sort that take you around the city. Let me tell you, they weave in and out of cars & there seems to be no designated lines in the road, but everyone is super understanding of that. We did a cruise on the river, which was brown and kind of dirty, but still something to experience.

Later in the evening we flew to Phuket which is about 50 minutes from Bangkok and flew Air Asia which was really cheap [about $60 per person RT.] We arrived at Sri Panwa in Muang, which is the quiet side of Phuket. It’s about an hour from the airport and expect quite a bit of traffic. Arriving at Sri Panwa was out of a dream. The entire staff was there to welcome us and bring us to our villa. Each villa has a PRIVATE infinity pool! How cool is that?! It honestly took our breath away. As a girl, the size of the bathroom and space for me to get ready was perfect. Lots of room, mirrors, a separate walk in shower and a separate bath. A girl’s dream!

Dinner was at Baba’s Nest. I’m not sure if there are words to even explain this experience. There’s giant beanbags and you’re surrounded by infinity pools on what feels like the top of the world overlooking Muang. I was speechless then, and I am now. It’s something you HAVE TO experience.

Days 3-4: The first full day at Sri Panwa rained on and off [it’s their rainy season in October], so we just enjoyed the resort. Skinny dipping in our private infinity pool and enjoying a breakfast buffet. It was delicious. We also got a couple’s massage in our villa, which was a pretty penny. Definitely go outside the resort for massages. You take a tuktuk right outside the gates and walk around, there’s tons! And they’re about $9 per hour for a massage. Yes, NINE U.S dollars. I had my first taste of thai food and it was really authentic and really delicious. Sri Panwa has a few restaurants right on the property which gave us all types of choices, which is appreciated. They also stock your fridge with drinks and snacks for when you have the midnight urge to grab a little something.

Their community pool is MASSIVE and has a waterfall into a smaller [yet still very large] pool and overlooks the ocean. This place is incredible. They have a section where you’re able to look at excursions and explore more of Thailand. We decided to head to the Phi Phi islands [which we highly recommend!] Goodness, the color of the water, the soft white sand, the views, it’s amazing. You take a 45-minute boat ride [which can be a little rough because of choppy waters] and explore different islands. Lunch & snorkeling is included 😉 Definitely a must-do experience. The last stop you get to a private island, grab a chair, and they have pina coladas made from real coconut, served in the coconut. If that’s not paradise, I’m not sure what is.

Day 5-7: The next day we headed to our next accommodation and that was handled really easily by the Sri Panwa staff and they made the transition quite effortless. Sampara Phuket villas are nestled on the other side of Phuket in Patong. They’re MASSIVE and you have the entire villa to yourself. We stayed in Villa Benyasiri, which sleeps 10 people and has 2 master bedrooms and an infinity pool that overlooks the ocean. Did I mention that it comes with an entire staff, including a personal chef as well; who had lunch waiting for us upon arrival. This place has a family room, massive bathrooms, numerous bathrooms, a secret little spot outside the villa, endless views, and so much more. This may be my favorite place to ever stay because it was like a one stop shop.

Everyday we got to skinny dip in our private pool and enjoy fresh food. This spot is definitely great for larger groups. We didn’t leave the property during our stay because it is a little bit of a hike to everything and it’s not like tuk tuks or taxis are just waiting for you. But we did get to enjoy a 2-hour couple’s massage for cheap, and it may have been the best massage I’ve ever gotten! Seriously, amazing. MUST DO! Our final night we had a candle lit dinner right outside and it was really sweet and special for the staff to do that for us. I love cute little things, I really appreciate them.

Day 7-9: BYD Lofts is right in the heart of Patong Beach, which is like party central! There’s stuff everywhere. Resturants, massage places, money exchanges, tuk tuks waiting on every block to take you to where you want to go. The lofts are like little apartments. Ours had a living room and a private entrance to the roof top pool. It was really nice and the staff was very welcoming. This is a great place if you’re looking to be where the action is and save a little cash. We got massages almost everyday. They’re between $9-$20 per hour depending on the kind you want.

These days we just wanted to be tourists and walk around. There’s plenty to see and do. At Tri-Trang Beach there’s 2 elephants that were rescued by their owners and you can play with them. They’re adorable, and it’s a once in a lifetime experience. You also have to go to their red light district. I won’t dish on the details; you need to see it for yourself.

We flew back to Bangkok on Air Asia, and stayed at So SoFitel Bangkok for our final 12 hours in Thailand. Their restaurant at the top of the hotel is pricey, but since it was our last night we wanted a great meal before our 6am flight.

Day 10: So Sofitel gave us little packaged breakfast boxes and organized our departure to the airport. Coming home was about 24 hours of travel time and took us a little while to adjust back to time, but for the memories we made in Thailand, it was well worth it!

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